Model Superhero Codes

The Model Superhero Code (MSC) is a statutory text created for the purpose of creating order in the superhero world by proposing revisions and modifications to existing law. In addition to the MSC, Superhero Law would like to collect known local and city statutes that superheroes face in various comics, books, movies, and t.v. shows; if you come across a law imposed on a superhero, please let us know!

Note that the MSC is currently under judicial review, please feel free to pose comments or questions to help shape this emerging body of law.

The Model Superhero Code Table of Contents:

Section 1 – General
Section 2 – Definitions
Section 3 – Homicide

Municipal Codes

All superheros within the United States are subject to the laws of the federal government and the Constitution. Additionally state and local laws apply to crimefighters who avail themselves of the benefits and protection of a particular forum.

With amazing powers and secret hideouts, which local laws apply to which superhero? In general crime fighters are tied to the city they protect. The location of most superhero can be narrowed down to a particular city frequented by a costumed crusader. Spiderman and Daredevil patrol New York and the X-Men attend school in Massachusettes, but what about heroes found in fictional jurisdictions? While cities like Gotham and Metropolis appear to be strongly based on New York writers over the years have taken liberties with the local laws to suit individual plot lines and situations.

If you are aware of a law portrayed in a superhero venue, please let us know.

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